Many of our patients are referred for specialized restorative care by their general dentist or another dental specialist. Others are referred by one of our satisfied patients who appreciates the quality of care they receive here. However, referral into our practice is not required. Some patients find their way to us for a second opinion regarding an extensive treatment plan that has been proposed by another dentist. Whatever the source, new patients are always welcome and appreciated.

New Patient Evaluations
When a patient has been referred for specialized restorative care, Dr. Baldree’s initial evaluation may include the following:

• a comprehensive clinical examination
• a radiographic (x-ray) series
• diagnostic study models, with or without mounting
• a diagnostic wax-up
• clinical photographs

The initial evaluation is usually followed by a second treatment conference appointment in order to review Dr. Baldree’s treatment recommendations. Prosthodontic treatment plans are often highly individualized and complex, and Dr. Baldree and our staff use this appointment to help patients plan for the time and financial commitments required to complete them.