Mitch Baldree, DDS - 200 W. Main StreetIn 2001, Dr. Baldree completed renovation of a 100-year old building in the Southside area of downtown Chattanooga for use as his dental office space. For this project he was awarded the Project Preservation Award by CornerStones Historic Preservation Organization.

The Southside is fast becoming Chattanooga’s arts center. Many local artists live and work within blocks of our location. Several art and antique galleries, as well as fine restaurants are within walking distance.

Our office embodies Dr. Baldree’s philosophy of practice by integrating elements of the Arts & Crafts Movement throughout the architecture and design of the office. Examples are William Morris fabrics, Stickley furnishings, and Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass. The Arts and Crafts Movement was a response to the opulence and ornamentation of the Victorian era and to the mass-production of the industrial age. It emphasized simplicity, good craftsmanship, and good design.

“Fine art is that in which
the hand, the head, and the heart
of man go together.”
John Ruskin