Having a healthy smile is not just about looking good. Recent research is documenting what dentists have known for years - that good oral health directly relates to good overall health. Poor oral health has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia, osteoporosis, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

Your ability to chew comfortably and effectively directly relates to your ability to maintain a healthy diet; your overall health will steadily decline if you are unable to receive appropriate nutrition by eating meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your teeth and jaws are also important for speech. Many people become self-conscious and may even isolate themselves socially when they cannot eat or speak well due to missing or painful teeth. Confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life are all boosted by esthetic and functional improvements to your smile.

“The world always looks brighter
from behind a smile.”

Affording Our Care

Considering the importance of healthy, functioning teeth to your overall health and well-being, you really can’t afford not to invest in your smile. Compared to transportation or other monthly expenses, quality restorative care is an excellent value.

Although we are not a “preferred” provider on any insurance plans, our office is pleased to work with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits. Be aware that dental insurance will only pay a small portion of the fees required for dental restoration.

In certain instances it is appropriate to file claims with your medical insurance. Again, we are happy to file your insurance and work to maximize the benefits you are due. However, medical insurance usually requires a referral from a physician or specialist.

We offer Care Credit payment plans to qualified individuals who desire to finance the cost of their treatment for up to 36 months. We also pleased to accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards.